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Jellyfish: Explainer Video Helped Closed A $800,000 Deal In 7 Days 

Jellyfish, a freight management firm, used an explainer video to warm up their cold calls. They then delivered a successful sales pitch to a client who had never heard of Jellyfish before.

Thanks to the explainer video, Jellyfish was able to close a whopping $800k deal in just 7 days. Yes, and through the “cold calling” approach i.e. the client had never heard of Jellyfish.

And, you know how these cold pitches yield around about 1-3% success rates just to get an initial appointment with clients?

Not this time! Before the salesman at Jellyfish could even send the follow-up email to get the conversation going from their side, set client reached out to them for a meeting and the deal was closed. And, it was all because the client saw their explainer video, understood what Jellyfish did and found  that it was exactly the service they needed.


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Autocad WS: 10 million downloads & Media Exposure

Let’s hear it straight from the founder.

“Here’s one example where we worked hard to make our app more interesting. We created ‘Andy the Engineer’ as our mascot, and the video we created for the app showed an architectural version of Andy with plenty of ‘Andy’ jokes. That video got over 1M views! an amazing number considering we’re talking about a video for a CAD app. It also helped us to get covered by blogs that write about Android apps. We saw a huge difference in our success rate when trying to convince bloggers to cover us once we had great imagery and a video.”


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Here’s an animated real estate example, albeit pretty simple in style and execution. For those who want to get involved in real estate and have yet to bite the bullet, perhaps stamp duty is something important to take note of before the unexpected call from tax man?

What’s notable about this one is that the title tag asks two clear questions ‘How much stamp duty do I pay? What is stamp duty?’ and answers them quickly, concisely and clearly. YouTube is the web’s second largest search engine, and ranking for a term like ‘What is stamp duty?’ – a term you’d only expect to be used by people actively interested in buying a property – it’s a great position to be in.

The video uses animation, as brands so often do, to visualise key points and make them easier to digest and understand.

Explainer Video Case Studies (4/4)



Matt, a marketing agency owner, was referred to Limitless Animation through another client who was already seeing success using us for their video advertising. He always knew video advertising when done right could be a gold mine for his business, but unfortunately, he just hadn’t found a method to do it efficiently yet. He proceeded to explain he was having problems fulfilling his clients video orders for their website and social channel marketing needs. The various components needed to deliver an animated video to his clients was a massive hassle. First scripting was the issue, then the search for a voiceover actor with the right accent began, and finally this would all need to be animated to bring together the completed video for delivery.

He felt the whole process was, not only stressful having to recruit multiple professionals, but he also needed to assemble the videos himself to deliver the final product. The entire process was profoundly time consuming and he had to charge his clients exorbitant prices for this service.

The timeframe he was allocating for production was also being frequently surpassed because it was difficult to gauge a timeline. Heavy as the head that wears the crown he thought to himself having to manage all the different aspects simultaneously as well as run other aspects of his business.

After the introduction and his explanation of the troubles he was facing, Matt asked what he needed to do to have Limitless Animation produce the videos for his company. To his relief, the answer was quick and far simpler than he’d originally thought. This relieved him of a tremendous heartache and the anxiety that came with his clients requesting video content. What was seen as an even more attractive perk was his business would receive a 20% commission deal on any single orders he sent us. With just that one video order, a profit of over £400 was made for a minute-long explainer video for literally just asking the concerning client to fill out our questionnaire for their video and then sending it to us. What was also explained to him is that his commission percentage can quickly increase, and the more business he sends Limitless Animation, the more he earns per sale. He went from producing minimal video content making minimal profits with it, to being able to offer this service at all affordable price and removing all the work that came with it. Needless to say, when orders started flowing, his profits were in the thousands. Not only was his company the face of bringing this highly effective marketing service to his clients, but he was making profits hand over foot for doing minimal work.

“It makes me feel extremely proud to be able to solve a big problem Matt was facing in his life with the service I was able to provide. I informed my team and patted myself on the back saying, another happy customer!”


Mr Joshua Cronin

Managing Director, Limitless Animation Ltd

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